When four men attempt a robbery and the operation goes up in flames, their widows find themselves inheriting their debt to the notorious crime brothers Jamal & Jatemme Manning. They are forced to carry out their own heist in order to settle their husbands’ debt. Widows stars top actors like Liam Neeson, Viola Davis, Daniel Kuuluya and Colin Farrell.

Viola Davis shows her incredible talent playing ‘Veronica Rawlins’, wife of John Rawlins, the strategist behind the heists. Veronica is approached by the victims of John’s last heist and her back is against the wall. We see Viola Davis show her authority by leading the group of widows and showing them, it is possible, and they have no choice. Although Davis takes the lead role, she gives space for young new actresses like the british actress Cynthia Erivo who plays Belle. The four women all surprise us with how they take on this challenge. We see Alice use her charm, Belle use her speed and physical ability and Linda use her eagerness. They use their biggest disadvantage to their advantage, “the fact no one thinks we have the balls to pull this off”.

Davis plays a resilient and tough character as she states “crying isn’t on the list” as well as showing us her vulnerability in private with flashbacks of her husband and her deceased son. Viola Davis’ performance in this movie is Grammy worthy. Daniel Kuuluya plays a completely new role we have never seen before, very different to his role in ‘Get Out’ or ‘Black Panther’. We see him as a cold-blooded killer, always dressed in black with a very nonchalant attitude.

Movie director Steve McQueen was very ambitious with his storytelling. The storyline is quite similar to Oceans 8 however, Widows is more of a thriller with ongoing action throughout the movie. From the trailer and the cast, expectations for this movie were high but nonetheless the movie nor the cast didn’t reach their full potential. Screen time was wasted on irrelevant scenes like the flashback of her son. It seemed as if they were trying to squeeze in a quick story about the current unlawful killings by the police in America, but the scene was not relevant.

It was interesting seeing four normal women carry out a big heist and seeing what they would spend their money on, very different to what a male would spend it on. We watch their lives transform from being dependent on their husbands to being completely independent.

Widows deals with bereavement, race, gender and class all at the same time which is why this movie isn’t just a simple heist movie. There were times where it felt like too much was being done at once and more focus should have been on the heist, as it made the heist seem very easy and straightforward. However, with how the movie ended, things did work out for the better and the movie ended as a thriller with a very unexpected ending.

 Won’t say this movie is the thriller of the year but worth a watch.

Subomi Odanye