White Boy Rick

Set in the 1980’s with Detroit at the height of its crack epidemic and war on drugs, White Boy Rick is based on a true story about a single father and his son Rick Wershe - who became the FBI's youngest informant at the age of 14 after federal agents convinced him that it was to save his dad from being sentenced to prison. After seeing how easy it is to make fast money in the drug game, Rick ends up being lured in and becomes a drug dealer himself.

White Boy Rick’s cast consists of Matthew McConaughey as Rick Wershe Sr, Richie Merrit as Rick Wershe Jr, Brian Tyree Henry as Officer Mel who urges Rick to rat on his friends and YG as Leo Curry, a prominent gang member. Matthew McConaughey displays his diversity as he goes from a top-class salesman in the Wolf of Wall Street to now playing the role of a low life arms dealer who sells guns out the back of his boot. YG gets his acting debut in this film and it was very interesting seeing YG’s name as part of the cast but sadly YG wasn’t given many lines so there isn’t much to expect from him.

White Boy Rick is a decent movie with a very convincing story, but Rick’s story was only really focused on towards the end of the film which means that there are scenes where the movie is dragging. You only start to realise that this is based on a true story right at the very end of the movie when it is in writing and you hear the real voice of Rick Wershe. The movie could have been structured in a much better way to highlight the severity and rarity of Rick Wershe’s story.

The movie makes a very interesting story come across very mediocre. A movie about the longest-serving non-violent prison offender could have been executed in a much better way, such as highlighting how he missed the majority of his life due to being behind bars. It is painfully apparent that the story could have been told in a much more convincing and interesting way but also not shifting too much from the truth and reality of Rick Wershe’s story.

The promo for this film has been very poor so we decided to shed some light on it as we love to find underrated movies and see whether they are gems. Sadly, this movie had the potential of being a gem but turned out to fall just short of the mark.

Rating- 6/10

Subomi Odanye