Black Panther


After a long-anticipated wait, the ReviewPlug finally got to review ‘Black Panther’. We’ve seen the ‘Black Panther’ appear briefly in some marvel movies such as Captain America: Civil War, but never as the protagonist. For this reason, till now, we haven’t got to know much about him other than what’s been illustrated in comics. This movie is his own solo movie, delving into the origin of the ‘Black Panther’ and how he gained his astounding powers and skills.


‘Black Panther’ is more than just a movie, it’s a movement; it features a mostly black cast and I most certainly love it! It involves the likes of Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Forest Whitaker, Lupita Nyong’O, Angela Basset, British actors Daniel Kuluuya and Letitia Wright. This movie highlighted successfully the beauty of Africa and its huge technological advancements which undoubtedly has opened the eyes of many to the continents amazing architecture and achievements.


The movie has a very interesting storyline which is consistent throughout the movie. It follows T’Challa (The Black Panther) who was born into royalty and raised to be the king of Wakanda all his life, however as we follow his journey we see that with great power comes great responsibility; as his throne is threatened by Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) and his morals are questioned.


The fighting comes later than expected in a Marvel movie but nonetheless, the fighting scenes were still hugely impressive; the graphics being so vivid and as realistic as ever. This movie is very impressive as it has the power to evoke a mixture of excitement, empathy, sadness, and confusion all at the same time.


Director Ryan Coogler conveys that ‘Black Panther’ is ‘with the times’ as it touches on some very serious topics which make it seem almost real. It touches on issues such as postcolonialism, social injustice, the struggle third world countries face, civil war and domestic terrorism which is illustrated in a scene where they save some kidnapped females which mirrors what’s currently happening in Nigeria with the terrorist group, Boko Haram.


‘Black Panther’ was a very ambitious film, but Ryan Coogler did an exceptional job taking on the Marvel aspect as well as the cultural aspect which pushes a start for important conversations and hopefully prompts other directors to follow suit. Being so entertaining but so relevant at the same time, it makes it stand out to any other Marvel movie I’ve seen. This movie was well structured and put together especially with linking the ‘Black Panther’ with the Black Panther Party which is highlighted when the movie starts off in Oakland where the Black Panther Party originated which is also where Director Ryan Coogler was born.


Big props to Ryan Coogler as this is only the third film he has ever directed. It’s a revolutionary movie and is great for young black children to see a superhero who resembles them behind a mask. This movie has led to black superhero colouring books, toys, merchandise and I’m sure DC would feel obliged to join in with this movement as ‘Black Panther’ has smashed box office records already..


‘Black Panther’ is a must watch and ReviewPlug advises you to watch it in 3D to completely immerse yourself in the awesome colours, graphics, and action. A #RPapproved movie for sure.

Wakanda Forever!

Subomi Odanye