Bright… the fantasy world meets the real world. Bright is set in the parallel universe of Los Angeles where Humans, Orcs, Elves and Fairies are coexisting. Will Smith stars as Officer Ward who is paired with Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) who is an Orc that is not trusted or liked in the police force, when on their routine patrol they find themselves involved in a huge magical mess.

The writer tries to send messages about racism, social injustice, elitism but halfway through, the plot shifts away from that. Elves are the elite, living fancy lives in the nicest district of Los Angeles, Humans are the middle class living ordinary lives however prejudice towards Orcs and Orcs are the underclass, deprived and discriminated race, living in the ghetto of Los Angeles. There’s a huge racial conflict between the Humans and the Orcs and Officer Jakoby is stuck in the middle as he’s not accepted by humans neither is his accepted by Orcs as he’s seen as a traitor.

Bright has two different story lines as there’s racial tension between the Orcs and the Humans. Officer Jakoby is the first and only Orc in the police force and we see him get harassed and picked on through out the movie. Then there’s an elf (Tikka) with a magic wand running away from 2 different agencies hunting her down. There was no balance and it focused a bit too much on the magical wand storyline and moved away from what I think was a message to society about racism, elitism etc.

The message should have been carefully constructed in a way where it is more educational rather than disrespectful for example, when Officer Ward was killing a fairy and said “Fairy lives don’t matter today” could be seen as insulting the “Black Lives Matter Movement”. The message could’ve been better executed leaving very little opportunity for the message to be misconstrued.

Will smith was great as usual and was probably the main reason for the movie doing well numbers wise. There were a few good action scenes like the car chase scene highlighting that this movie is a cross breed of Thriller, Action and Fantasy which can create a whole lot of confusion to be honest.

Overall it was a decent watch but the movie did not live up to expectations. The movie had a lot of potential especially with the idea behind it and its big budget. Bright could have been one of the best movies to come out of 2017 but its potential was unfulfilled however, maybe as a TV series it could have been fulfilled as the main themes could have been fully explored. Bright is a 6/10 and anything above would be a stretch. Bright is not a RPapproved movie but check it out if you wish.

Subomi Odanye