Girls Trip

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The Flossy posy is back & in full effect. After Ryan Pierce (played by Regina Hall) was given the opportunity to talk at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, she thought it was a good idea to bring along her college best friends and reunite the flossy posy. Not to say that it was a bad idea but it wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. So much went wrong but all worked out for the better in my opinion. The ladies learnt a lot about each other and some made some significant changes; like marital status & job title. This brought them opportunities to see each other more & build on their friendship that weakened as time had passed.

Ryan and Stuart had a perfect life in the eyes of the media but behind closed doors things were not as perfect as they seemed, it’s always too good to be true. She was trying to keep up the perception that she has it all as that was what her brand and book was all about. There were some very funny scenes in this movie. From the ladies trying to get Lisa laid to Dina dancing on stage with Diddy and Lisa and Dina peeing all over the spectators on the strip while zip lining. The dance battle scene against the ladies and Stuart’s mistress and her friends was also one of my favourite scenes. It was like old school vs new school and the old school definitely schooled the new! It also led to a fight breaking out at the club between the two groups of women, the ladies reacting to the drinks Dina spiked which was also very hilarious. They were hallucinating and acting very outrageous.

Sasha and Ryan both had to make very tough decisions. Sasha was stressed at her financial situation which led to her having some envy and hate towards Ryan. This was because she quit her well paying job years ago to start a business with Ryan only for Ryan to back out. Sasha is put in a tough position where she has to choose between friendship or business. Whether to go behind her friends back & send a picture of her best friend’s husband cheating for a lot money or do the right thing and not betray her friend. Sasha made the right decision but still ended up being blamed for the photo being leaked, which led to a lot of hurtful things being said by Ryan. Also, leading to everyone falling out & ruining the rest of the holiday. The holiday led to Sasha ending her gossip blog as Ryan’s comment enlightened her that her profession is not a morally acceptable one.

Ryan’s marital situation got worse as Stuart’s mistress revealed she was pregnant and leaked the pictures to the media. Ryan was put in a very tough position, having to choose whether to be true to herself and leave her arrogant cheating husband or live up to what she says in her book by sucking up all her emotions. Whether to throw everything her and Stuart had built away as well as the great financial opportunity they were presented with.

A lot of women end up suffering in silence due to fear of what their lives would be like without their other half and Ryan encourages women to be bold and strong in her book so Ryan was looking like a bit of a hypocrite. Ryan had to make a closing speech at the Essence festival, the girls walking into the auditorium reminded Ryan of who she was before she married Stuart. She changed her whole speech around and admitted the truth about her marriage which encouraged the audience as many of the women could relate to her issues as her “revealing my truth inspires you to find your own”. This led to her being offered the financial opportunity without Stuart and partnering with Sasha.

The ending was a powerful ending leaving an impact on the viewers to always stay true to themselves and not be treated any less than they deserve. This movie highlighted four different female characters, the boss, the crazy one, the responsible one and the gossip. Dina is the crazy, impulsive and carefree one that always rides for her friends and has their back in every situation. Lisa is the mother hen who is very caring and responsible. Ryan is the one who is all about her money and her business, putting her emotions aside for the sake of her brand. Sasha is the one searching and digging for the gossip but also the one that finds it hard to let things go.

There were a few subliminal messages that went over the heads of some. For example when Dina said “come on ladies let’s set it off”, Jada Pinkett smith & Queen Latifah both looked at each other & nodded reminding the viewers of their first ever movie together “Set it off”. To conclude, I give girls trip an 8 because it was not only a very funny movie to watch but also an empowering movie. It shows the importance of true friendships in ones life regardless of how busy we may get or how much older we get. Having those friends you can have a laugh with, have fun night outs with, the ones that will tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it and would have your back regardless.


Subomi Odanye