The Foreigner

The Foreigner is about a father (Quan) who avenges the death of his daughter after being killed in a senseless act of politically motivated terrorism. Jackie Chan plays the avenging father and Pierce Brosnan plays a British government official linked to the IRA.

The beginning of the movie starts off well, making the audience get emotionally attached to Quan, as firstly you see a nice guy who just wants to know who is responsible for the death of his only remaining daughter. However, after being nice gets him nowhere, he takes things into his own hands. When this switch occurs the movie starts to lack substance, as it’s just a mixture of unravelling the conspiracy, fighting and countless murders.

Throughout the movie Quan is undermined and underestimated by the government official (Mr Hennessy). It turns out Quan isn’t just a humble businessman, he is an ex Navy SEAL who has nothing to lose, after losing the only person he had left in his life, his daughter, and a man who has nothing to lose should be feared. The movie definitely highlights that you should never underestimate anyone especially after showing persistence and like the strapline says, “Never push a good man too far”.

The movie was satisfying to watch but just about. The movie is like the typical British film even though it is starring Jackie Chan. I would have preferred much more suspense, more action and more rampage.

Pierce Brosnan did amazing with his role and I can confirm Jackie Chan has still got it at the age of 63. Chan’s role is much different to the roles he plays in his usual light hearted action/ comedy movies, we see Chan show more of his emotional side, with his eyes mostly droopy and full of tears but he still displays that he’s got his martial art moves.

However, the movie did not quite live up to the expectations I had from the trailer. It lacked suspense as an action movie and was quite basic in a sense, but it was a good watch and would recommend you to watch it if you’re on Netflix and don’t have anything to watch.

The Foreigner is an #RPapproved movie from this day onwards!

Subomi Odanye