Bird Box


Bird Box is an extremely intense movie from start to finish. It is about a mysterious force that kills the whole population, only thing that is certain is, if you see it - you die. Those remaining now have to avoid coming face to face with the force which takes the form of one’s worst fear. Malorie is the main character played by Sandra Bullock, a head strong woman who is focused on survival. With her drive she aims to get to a sanctuary where they will be safe from the force. She is a brave, pragmatic woman who relies solely on her survival instincts especially her hearing.

We also have well known actors like Sandra Paulson (who has an extremely brief appearance), Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Rel Howery from Get Out (who is great at roles like this). In this film, we see Trevante Rhodes from Moonlight, play the alpha male as he takes charge of the group and also has a soft spot for Malorie.  

The film follows two parallel narratives which takes us back and forth from the immediate aftermath when the mysterious force appears and five years later. In the present scenes, she tries to navigate this post-apocalyptic world to safety with two small children. The film starts of with Malorie being coldhearted, heavily pregnant and unenthusiastic about the birth of her child. Malorie’s view on the world is very pessimistic, seeing the world as a dark place where you try to form as little attachments as possible. This is highlighted with her refusal to give the two children names. Towards the end, she realises her how view of the world has affected her relationship with the two children (and probably everyone else) and realises the importance of dreaming and optimism.

Bird Box is a thriller, but also a survival drama, we see a lot of killings and dark moments but we also some cute moments. It’s very similar to A Quiet Place, as they both focus on having to rely solely on your senses and the panic of not being able to use one. 

Bird Box does a great job at managing multiple cliffhangers. From the title you are left clueless to what the film is about but as you watch it you start to under where the title Bird Box comes from and why it fits. However, Bird Box did not fully actualise its potential as a lot was left unanswered, although they go back and forth and show what happens in between the 5 years there are still some questions viewers need answers such as what are the creatures? What happened to Felix and Lucy? Why are the mentally ill able to see? So many questions that need answering, maybe a series would help Bird Box to actualise its potential rather than a 2 hour long movie.

Bird box is one of the best Netflix films I’ve seen this year. It plays with your heart in a special way.  The film is intense throughout and you honestly cant’t help but feel connected to the actors, you’re rooting for them to make it and even feel a bit upset when they don’t. Netflix delivered a strong and entertaining thriller with Bird Box. It’s not a groundbreaking post-apocalyptic film but it is definitely one of the best Netflix have done this year.


Subomi Odanye