Once again Netflix have taken a great concept and ruined it by making it hollow. 

The story follows a highly skilled assassin named Duncan Vizla (code name - The Black Kaiser) as he prepares to hang up his throwing knives and snipper rifles for good. He is unknowing if the fact that his former employer had marked him as a liability to their organisation and plans to have him silenced on the day of his retirement, which also happens to be his 50th birthday. Duncan Vizla reluctantly reverts into his former identity as The Black Kaiser and goes toe to toe with an army of younger, faster, inexorable assassins who are trained to allow nothing to stop them from confirming their kill.

Initially the plot is exciting and engaging but the poor pacing made significant moment such as the final shootout seem rushed,hollow and altogether meaningless. The sex scenes are lengthy and excessive when considering the role they’re intended to play in the overall story. One wonders if the time would have been much better spent on fleshing out the pivotal moments in the story such as developing the storyline of other characters.

The main character has a flash back that remains unexplained until the twist ending is revealed but until then we’re forced to endure anticlimactic episodes of pointless storytelling leading to more pointless storytelling. It’s disappointing because the first quarter of the movie showed a lot of potential. The stakes were arranged and revealed quite well and so was the personality of the main character. The parallels between the bog and the neighbour seemed to be naturally foreboding and ergo a great use of visual story telling.

The cinematography and use of drone shots were used effectively when laying out the scene landscape. But All in all, the first part of the movie wrote checks that the main body and concluding scenes simply lacked the emotional equity to cash. I can’t give this anything more than a 4/10.

By Adé Yusuf (TheXuestLove).