Avengers: Endgame


The scope of Avengers Endgame is literally impossible to put into words. The things Feige, The Russo’s, and everyone else in the MCU have done is incredible, I still cannot believe this movie was 11 years in the making and trust me shows immensely. This is a glorious moment in film history; it really is mind blowing how well paced and easily digestible the story is for what it is. The Balance of comedy & emotional depth is unimaginable, this film has to juggle between so many characters and it should not work as well as it does. This movie is perfectly balanced as all things should be!

The characters are insane, I love how everyone’s story arcs have progressed since the first Ironman. I mean Thor play’s Fortnite now and as much as I would like to tell you about what has happened to everyone else that would be dipping into spoilers. I have 3 standouts; Nebula is amazing... I never cared for her much in the Guardians movies and Karen Gillian has never been the best actress but wow! Thor was not at all what I expected he has changed so much since the events of Infinity War and I love every second of it, and finally the man himself RDJ AKA Tony Stark I have watched every Marvel and a whole lot of RDJ films (Tropic Thunder, True Believer, Sherlock, and many more) I think he deserves the Governor’s award (The annual lifetime award given at the Oscars every year) because all his performances are amazing and this probably being his best. P.S. Cap is definitely an honorable mention because damn that third act.

From a technical aspect everything is perfect. As with Infinity War, Alan Silvestri’s Score is not only beautiful but haunting, tragic, uplifting, and heartbreaking at the same time. At points the cinematography is really good but at points it is just mediocre. The soundtrack is surprisingly really good too. The Visual effects were not up to my expectations from Marvel, but they were very well blended and beautiful.

At the end of this all I did have a few continuity errors by the end of the movie, it does create many issues with the timeline and it is quite bothering but in the end they are all worth it for the huge payoff at in the entirety of the movie. I wish I could say more about the movie but I would hate to spoil the movie for anyone who still has not had the chance to see it as this a cinematic event and should not be spoiled for anyone.

I am not kidding when I say nothing can truly prepare you for the emotional journey you are about to go on, I cried twice. Yondu’s death in Guardians does not even come close to the emotional stakes in this movie. For everyone who spent 11+ years invested into the MCU, I promise you the pay off is incredibly satisfying and you will have many surprises and callbacks specifically for you (Many)!

 Stay Away from Spoilers!


Verdict: 9.7/10

 Written by K.K. Slider (Letterboxd: @kazembe29 and Instagram: @kk_reviews)

Subomi Odanye