Long Shot


 Long shot follows the story of Fred Flarsky a gifted and free-spirited journalist and Charlotte Field, one of the most influential women in the world. Fred and Charlotte knew each other in the past as Charlotte was Fred’s former baby sitter and childhood crush. When Charlotte decides to make a run for the president she impulsively hires Fred as her speechwriter.

Long Shot is a good movie and surprisingly really funny. For someone who doesn’t laugh very much especially watching political comedies, I truly enjoyed this movie. The acting is good from everyone all around, it was really interesting to see what Charlize Theron would do in a comedy because I have only seen 3 of her movies (Atomic Blonde, Mad Max, and Fate of the Furious) and they are all action, but she played this role really well and part of that is definitely due to the great script. The standout for me is definitely O’Shea Jackson Jr. who plays Seth Rogen's best friend, I genuinely do not know if he is a good actor or if it is just the fantastic script but I was laughing in almost every scene he was in. A particular scene that had me laughing was when he randomly yelled out ‘Wakanda Forever’ while Seth and Charlize were just talking about their relationship. It’s always interesting to see when films include real life trends.

The only criticism i have of the film is that the romantic side of the story could have been developed a little more as it was skimming the line of a straight comedy. Also, there is a scene which was surprising because I never thought the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) would allow that but it was interesting to see this in the movie.

I also really need to commend one more team, Makeup, and Hairstyling. I can definitely tell you it is not going to get an Oscar nomination for it because the movie is being released in summer but it truly deserves one. Whilst reading the cast list, I saw Andy Serkis as one of the characters which greatly surprised me because but I consider myself a hardcore Andy Serkis fan and I never realised that he was Parker Wembley, you probably do not know who this is unless you saw the movie because he was not in any trailers. A huge round of applause to the Long Shot makeup team!

If you could not tell by the alarmingly positive review, this is film is absolutely enjoyable and I really did have a great time watching this movie from the crazy humour and script to the amazing characters. I am really thinking of making this a contender for my Top 30 comedies list.

Verdict: 8.1/10 for the fantastic script (It made me laugh and that is hard) and the phenomenal makeup and hairstyling.

Subomi Odanye