Pokémon Detective Pikachu


A world where Pokemon are real, is the dream of every 90’s child who grew up watching the Japanese anime and or playing the game in a journey to ‘be the very best that no one ever was’. The movie tried to actualise this dream, key word being tried.  The movie felt less like a journey into the realm of Pokemon in the here and now and more like, let’s see how great of an actor Ryan Reynolds is as he jumps around in a Pickachu’s body. The main cast is made up of: Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton, Bill Nighy and Chris Geere. The cast was great, the graphics beautiful and the concept amazing however, I think more focus should have been put on the story line and character development.

 The Movie follows the 21 year old Tim Goodman and a talking Pikachu as they roam the streets of the futuristic Ryme City trying to uncover the mystery that has brought them together. The only difference between this movie and your typical detective movie  is that there are Pokemon. Half way through, the plot becomes predictable and you don’t really feel an urgency to rave about the movie to anyone. One thing that is a breath of fresh air is that they have taken a different approach from the cartoon series and the games. Whilst the originals largely focused on trainers catching Pokemon and attempting to become Pokemon Masters, the movie chooses another direction in order to further explore the connections between Pokemon and Humans. They are more partners rather than ‘pet and owner’ as it sometimes came across in the games and anime. As stated earlier the graphics used in this movie are stellar and some of the best work I’ve seen. In some scenes you almost believe that the Pokemon in the movie are real and not just elaborate 3D animation. Not one detail is left out and honestly visually the movie is a 9/10 because of how elegant everything looks.

The movie, though visually great, lacked development across the board due to the movie being rushed. The director seemed like he was trying to get so much into 1 hour and 45 minutes, that they cut out scenes which would have connected the story far better. The acting was good; however, the development of their characters was non-existent. Rita Ora also starred in this movie. Her role seemed more like a cameo *piece, as you probably could have gone the whole movie without seeing her character once and you wouldn’t have been phased. Mr Ryan Reynolds comes in clutch with a great performance as Pikachu. His performance takes you back to Pokemon Red where everyone wanted to get a Pikachu instead of the original starting 3. Honestly the best parts of the movie were the Pokemon, which is good since it is a movie about Pokemon, but it lacked everywhere else. If you want a trip down Nostalgia lane it is a must see, but after seeing it you’ll be able to wait for the second instalment (If there is one).

Overall the movie is good. A good 6/10. This is largely due to the storyline becoming predictable and the movie showing no real attempts at development. Whilst there is a chance for the sequel, if there is one, to be great. The producers will need to put more focus into the story development in order to capture the audiences attention next time.

By ‘80’ (Twitter:80ThaPhilosopha)

Subomi Odanye