John Wick 3


John Wick Chapter 3 picks up right after the second John Wick movie where an enemy was killed on continental grounds. In John Wick 3 the legendary hitman finds himself stripped of the organisation's protective services and is stuck with a $14 million bounty on his head. He has to fight his way through all of the top assassins to make it out alive.

John Wick 3 has to be my favourite out of the franchise! If you thought John Wick killing people with a pencil was crazy and creative in Chapter 2 wait till you see this.

The film has a strong storyline which is similar to the first movie but not as great. The action is on a massive scale and yet is controlled (as in the second movie) and I kid you not when I say the action is so creative and insane: I am talking dogs and horses killing people, ninjas on motorcycles, swords versus belts, sword fighting in glass chambers, and even bashing people’s heads with a book and that’s a scene within the first ten minutes! They brought the action up to a scale I never thought was possible and it sets a new bar for action movies. Though the story is good and the action is some of the best I have ever seen, the acting isn’t all there. Actors like Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Lance Reddrick are great but then some performances just did not work at all.

Acting from the likes of Ian McShane, Anjelica Huston and Asia Dillion was unimpressive in some parts of the film. However, Halle Berry was definitely an actor that stood-out throughout this film, her acting was amazing! She was able to portray a good amount of emotion, put her all into the role, and still did it while being a badass and looking good whilst doing it. There is one more topic I have to discuss and that is the character developments. Outside of John, Zero and maybe Sofia, there is still a lot of emptiness with these characters we have grown with. For example Winston has been in all of the films and I bet you couldn’t tell me one fact about him excluding the fact he owns the continental.

From a technical aspect it is one of best films out this year, the cinematography was seriously impressive and I am still wondering how they were able to capture some of these shots. Also something I do not talk about often is the sound design and editing but I could genuinely see this being able to sneak into these categories at the Oscars, and the colour palette was absolutely phenomenal.

To conclude, this is without a doubt my favourite in the trilogy! I really want to see more from Halle Berry and her dogs. John Wick 4 has been confirmed to premiere in 2021 and I can’t wait to see whether it’s a bigger success than all others.

Verdict: 9/10 (I would never kill John Wick’s dog).


 John Wick 3 (9.0/10)

 John Wick 2 (8.7/10)

 John Wick (8.4/10)

(Written by Kyle Kazembe IG: kk_reviews Letterboxd @kazembe29).

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