Dark Pheonix


In the movie Dark Phoenix, we follow Jean Grey as she explores her dark side after being manipulated by [Spoiler Redacted], we will see her explore her newly enhanced powers as well as unleash the Phoenix (I guess they forgot she already did that in X Men Apocalypse).

Okay it wasn’t too bad, it was actually fun to watch. Interesting story and alright end to this franchise.

I usually start with the acting but I am going to start with the direction. Simon Kinberg tries very hard especially since this is his directorial debut and I really hope the studio does release a directors cut as it is very apparent, especially with the expansive reshoots this was not his vision and just some studio trash. The acting was not terrible, Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) is an instant standout I really loved her performance and she showed her struggle with her character but surprisingly I really liked Nick Hoult (The Beast) he showed quite a lot of emotion. Everyone else was pretty average or bad, for example Jessica Chastain’s acting was very disappointing in this movie. The script was substandard, it is very repetitive and also has many out-of-place lines, there are some good quotes and also some empowering quotes but nothing amazing, the story itself is very unclear and doesn’t follow continuity as I guess they forgot Jean used the full extent of her powers in Apocalypse and also that Cable is even a character in the franchise.

When talking from a technical aspect there is a lot of good and a lot of bad. The effects both practical and visual are not great, I can not believe this was shot for 200+ million. The pacing was really bad as well as the tone, it failed to deliver what they were aspiring for, many scenes go really fast and many drag on. It is also a tonal mess; Night Crawler is a good example of this he goes from being friendly to murdering his enemies within the same scene. The score though was very good and the studio knew this this because it is so overused, they have an underscore under every scene of someone talking, but it’s not something to complain about.

 In conclusion, the movie did leave me feeling pretty empty. The ending for many characters felt like a very satisfying end to the franchise. i’m please with how Magneto’s and Prof. X arches ended. Though we did have some truly amazing sequences like the train sequence (Awesome) but the purpose of the movie was to give a good end to a franchise I genuinely love, especially for the character Jean Grey but in the end there were so many loose ends and I felt really unsatisfied with Jean Grey’s arch.

Verdict: 5.3/10

It could have been worst but not nearly as bad as people are claiming and it definitely does not deserve the incredibly low Rotten Tomatoes score it received. I would recommend you check out the movie and let your heart decide even if I did not give it a positive score. 

(Written by Kyle Kazembe IG: kk_reviews Letterboxd @kazembe29)

Subomi Odanye