Have you ever wondered what happens when you talk to strangers? If you watch this movie, you’ll see the worst-case scenario. Ma gives the audience a good blend of suspense and dark humour to make this thriller quite enticing. With a cast boasting of the likes of Allison Janney, Luke Evans and Octavia Spencer, who gave a stellar performance. The movie was a spin on the modern-day thriller and it worked relatively well.

The movie is centred around a group of 5 teenage friends who enjoy drinking and partying. So pretty much what all teenagers enjoy. Through a series of events they meet the antagonist Ma and things go from good to very bad. The storyline focuses on the development of the relationship between the 5 teenagers and Ma and how it breaks down at a rapid rate. The plot of the movie is brought together subtly through connections between the characters that span generations. Whilst the plot itself is not hard to decipher, the intricate ways the back staff used to develop the characters and sub plots to lay out the plot is very impressive. One thing that also stood out was the scene selection and length. It is quite easy, in todays movie market, to rush scenes in order to reach the conclusion. This isn’t the case for the majority of this movie. The scenes chosen were purposeful, added depth to the story and did not seem rushed. Towards the end of the movie however, the pace picks up which can be seen in the scenes and it does begin to feel rushed. This may have been the director’s way of trying to mirror the ‘blood rush’ feeling one gets when in a dangerous situation. Whilst it is a commonly used thing in horrors or thrillers, I can’t say it was 100% effective in this instance.

Octavia Spencer’s performance was amazing. She brings the character to life and fully emphasises the many dimensions of Ma. Extremely convincing. One thing which stood out in her performance was the moments of silence her character would have. Her acting during those moments were not too overstated or understated, it was a perfect balance. The Script writers used those moments of silence well in order to add dimensions to the character and Octavia’s execution was brilliant. Another actor who needs to be highlighted is Dominic Burgess. He wasn’t great, nor was he bad. However, it is still not completely clear as to why his character was in the movie to the degree he was. His absence from the film would not have left any gaps in the plot or storyline. If there was some deeper meaning as to his inclusion, I did not see it.

Overall, I give this movie 8/10. It was a good solid project. It was not a long movie, yet did not feel like it was rushed, the plot and story line came to its conclusions. The majority of scenes in the movie were purposeful and all added to the grand design of the movie.  The acting on all parts was very good. This is a movie I recommend seeing.

Written by ‘80’ (Twitter:80ThaPhilosopha)

Subomi Odanye