A Dog's Journey


A Dog’s Journey follows Bailey as he fights against mortality to protect his owner’s daughter with the hops of being reunited with his owner. As we embark on this new adventure, we experience a rollercoaster of emotions, including heartbreak. 

Although I thought the book for "‘A Dog’s Purpose’ is absolutely Top Tier and the original ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ was good and but it is still a pretty decent Dog movie. 

A Dog’s Journey is exactly the film I expected it to be, it’s a super cheesy time at the cinema for families and dog lovers. Although it is not my favourite genre of movies, I still found it somewhat enjoyable. However, I did not like Josh Gad’s voice over as it would have felt more authentic if he adjusted his voice based on the gender or type of dog. Meaning that unfortunately this sequel isn’t quite as good as its predecessor. However,  I think I am in the unpopular majority as it has a higher overall score on rotten tomatoes.  The acting is very meh nothing bad, but nothing that really stood out. The directing is also outlandishly meh. 

From a technical aspect there is nothing that is really bad but nothing that is really good either. I was not a big fan of the editing, there was quite a few time jumps with made for non-cohesive story in my opinion. The cinematography, the almost non-existent score, and like everything else was just meh. (I know I have said meh a lot). Do you ever just see a movie and there is nothing objectively good or bad? 

The story is still just as wacky, maybe a little more than the original and they still do not explain how this Dog can keep get reincarnated through the power of love. I am sure young kids and dog lovers will thoroughly enjoy it and the cuteness factor it offers. 

I do think that if you saw the trailer you basically saw the entire film, since they literally have the final scene in the trailer. If they do continue these films I hope they go more in the direction of I’m not sure how many more times I can watch a dog die.

Verdict: 5.7/10

(Written by Kyle Kazembe IG: @kk_reviews & letterboxd @kazembe29).

Subomi Odanye