Aladdin is the newest Disney Live Action Adaptation, you all know the story, Street Rat meets princess but can not be with her, becomes in possession of a magic lamp that contains a genie who will make him a prince to marry the princess. Shenanigans ensue as evil sorcerer tries to murder this new prince.

Guy Ritchie’s remake of the animated classic, Aladdin, is a pandering, lazy, cash-grab that causes much concern for the future of these Disney live-action remakes, but I am going to admit I still had a ton of fun watching it.

I can not say I was 100% in love with Guy Ritchie’s style of directing or even the movie it self but there were many enjoyable elements. The script was actually very good for the most part and brought up some of the weaker performances in the movie. The acting I thought had a lot of hits and very few misses, I am pleased to say Will Smith was good, not Robin Williams good but he very much made it his own and had a lot of fun with the role he was given; Robin would be proud . Others like Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine and the new character Dalia we’re also impressive. I wish I could say the same for Jafar and Iago because I absolutely hated Marwan Kenzari as Jafar and I never thought I would miss Gilbert Gottfried as Iago so much because Alan Tudyk does a terrible job playing Iago. Luckily Jafar’s bad acting was risen up by a hefty amount of character development added to him in the reboot as well as a good script. 

From a technical aspect there were many problems. The CGI was so substandard, including the Genie sadly, but if you thought the CGI was bad wait till you see the Green screen because it is even worse. The cinematography was decent it wasn’t anything amazing but I noticed in some songs the camera was in very odd place, speaking off odd places and songs, Speechless which is the new song that was added was very out of place and I kid you not the whole musical sequence a dream and Jasmine literally turns into Thanos and turns people into dust. Other than Speechless the other songs are really well done and good in live action.

What I did not expect with how much fun I had with the movie as did laugh in some scenes, many of the things added where actually really nice and refreshing. It is very unlike me to be surprised with a movie like this. The overall consensus has not been too good to this movie and I am going to be honest it does have many glaring issues but at the same time it also has DJ Khalid and Will Smith rapping a Friend like me so I am going to put this at a

Verdict: 6.5/10

Overall it was a fun watch!

(Written by Kyle Kazembe IG: kk_reviews Letterboxd @kazembe29)

Subomi Odanye