Brightburn is the new James Gunn produced film, which is being pitched as “if superman came to earth to destroy us instead of to protect us”. The film follows two parents and their son Brian. As he discovers that he has superpowers, he decides to turn on parents and family after learning they lied to him.

I was pretty hyped for Brightburn, it was packaged in a really captivating way. Though my anticipation was high it fell much below my expectations.

Firstly, the team deserve huge accolades for what they were able to do with such a small budget because some of these shot are amazing, after seeing the film, I thought it was probably made for about 20 million but wow was I way off. This movie was made on a budget of 7 million which is absolutely remarkable!

The movie itself was good but not great, the script had quite a few issues and everything is revealed early on putting some restraints on the story, a lot of the motivations were very unclear, for example the boy he says he wants to be good but there’s no struggle within him. The acting is actually really impressive, Jackson Dunn who plays the lead and David Denman who plays the Dad were especially good, but I personally thought the standout was Jennifer Holland as the Mom was astounding! She’s able to evoke a lot of emotion from the viewer, you can see how much she wanted to be a parent and coming to terms with her child being a monster.

From a technical aspect, the film lacked. The Green Screen was really bad, some of the cinematography felt like the camera was in the wrong place, and the CGI for the most part was very hit or miss. The only technical aspect of the film I thought was good was the lighting which I thought they had the perfect contrast between light and dark in many of the scenes and the set design was also impressive.

Overall, I was a little disappointed but when you consider that a small budget created this powerful performance; I would definitely recommend.

Final Consensus: 6.3/10

Subomi Odanye