Godzilla: King of the monsters


Godzilla King of Monsters is the latest film in the MonsterVerse. Focusing on the return of titans, more specifically Godzilla and his rival King Ghidorah. In this movie you will be experiencing incredible Kaiju fights and the devastation of countries around the world.

Well guys I enjoyed it quite a bit, the only word I can even use to describe it is ‘Epic’. I will admit it does have it’s issues and I will get to that into that later in the review but for the most I really did like it.

The movie is everything i expected it to be and I can say i’m truly satisfied with the film. I wasn’t too big of a fan of Godzilla (2014) and Kong: Skull Island was good for what it was. Godzilla was really cool, in fact all the monsters were impressive. The 4 Big ones featured in this movie was Godzilla, Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan. In fact there is an amazing fight scene including all of them. I loved all of them except for Rodan he just was not effective enough to do anything for me. Acting wise it did have quite a few issues, found that everyone was either Not good or Over-Acting what I mean by that is they are just try so hard it is obvious. The over-acting is mostly done by Kyle Chandler and I kid you not he was just trying so hard. The standout for me acting wise is Ken Watanabe, He acted well enough carry himself and some of the weaker actors as well as a very satisfying arch for himself. Others like Millie Bobby Brown and O’Shea Jackson (Which if you read my Longshot review you know how much I like him) where good Milly actually had some really good moments. Other physical aspects like the script was quite good but for the tone it really struggled as I noticed many inconsistencies within it.

From a technical aspect this is actually pretty good. The cinematography was good for the most part but there was a little bit of a shaky cam. The visual effects were outstanding, Godzilla and Mothra looked very real. The sound Mixing and Sound design were also of a very high standard. Not really a technical aspect but Bear McCreary's remake of the song Godzilla is very good and it was the perfect song to amp me up during the credits after seeing all that intense fighting.

In conclusion, if you think Kong stands a chance against Godzilla next year. I can’t wait to laugh in your faces next March. In all honesty though the movie does have lots good moments, but suffers from weak acting and inconsistent tone.

Verdict: 7.8/10

(Written by Kyle Kazembe IG: kk_reviews Letterboxd @kazembe29)

Subomi Odanye