Guava Island


Guava Island follows the story of Deni Maroon and Kofi. Deni is a musician that wants to hold a music festival to liberate the people of Guava Island.

This is a movie I did not like at first, but decided to give a second chance since I found out a lot of people enjoyed it and also because it is short in length. I definitely appreciated it more the second time around but some problems still remained.

The best aspect is the filmmaking, everything is colourful and radiant and it gives life to the island, there is also an animated segment and the art style is unique in its presentation. The acting is also good, even from Rihanna which comes as a surprise given her previous performances. The main problem comes with the length of the movie because it restricts character development and limits the time for musical performances. The writing is also messy and it lacks subtlety.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable, beautiful to look at and competent. It also has something to say even if it the delivery is a bit rough.

Score: 6/10

Written by Louie Lopez (IG: Louiereviewsfilms)

Subomi Odanye