Spider-man: Far From Home


How do you follow the epic ending of Avengers Endgame? How do you revamp a franchise that has been done three times over cinematically? The answer go to Disney. Spiderman Far From Home is a perfect following to the events of Avengers Endgame, with a hard hitting story line which touches on the aftermath of prior events, mystery of the future of the MCU, hitting hard with emotional range and intellectual stimulation.

The movie is set shortly after the events of Avengers Endgame with, Marvel’s Kevin Feige even stating Spiderman Far from home is the last part of the Infinity war saga. We follow Peter Parker on his school trip and how dangerous events unfold and call to question whether Peter Parker is indeed the hero the late Tony Stark believed he could be. As stated earlier there have been a few movie adaptations of Spiderman, with various story lines and villains being used. The storyline used in this sequel fit very well and was executed perfectly. This was helped by the depth of the plot and character development highlighted through out the movie. It is always difficult for sequels to be seen as just as good or better than their predecessors, however this film does not fall short of Spiderman Homecoming. One thing that stands out is the relationship between all the characters and how they develop throughout the movie, the key ones being the relationship between MJ and Peter and also Spiderman and Mysterio. The writers have done well to add a very down to earth human element to the franchise which connects to the audience well.

The CGI used in this movie stands out at a high level. Without giving away the movie, it plays an important role. The attention to detail used when creating the graphics was seen at every step and this is even reflected through the plot of the movie (without giving to much away). If I was to sum it up in a phrase it was unrealistically realistic. The way they tied it all together and justified the use of CGI was inspired, with making reference to a previous MCU movie and it plays right into the plot and reasoning of the duplicitous acts which transpire in the film.  One thing I am a stickler for is rushed scenes. This movie had none that stood out to me. Each scene was efficiently used with the right amount of dialogue and action. The movie was not to long and also not to short. The use of the post credit scenes left us craving for more, something the MCU has always done well. The Post Credit scenes also opened up the wave for two different movies so it will be interesting to see what Marvel and Disney do next.

The performances from the whole cast was near perfection, as you could tell they played the roles given to them to the exact instructions of the directors. It was difficult to find a performance which stood out above all the rest. However, if we have to choose, the stand out would be Jake Gyllenhaal. To be frank, he brought his character to life. All sides of him. Jake has been known to fully embody his characters and is known as a method actor and you really see it in this movie. For many parts of the movie you forget that he is actually Jake Gyllenhaal and believe you are watching the real life Mysterio. He creates a wonderful illusion of persona for the audience with his performance. Those who have watched the movie will understand the full meaning of that statement. He helps bring the movie to life and adds dimensions to the MCU many may have not seen before.

To conclude, Marvel and Disney have effectively brought us a movie which puts our minds at rest as to whether the franchise will continue with its entertainment value without Ironman. Every minute of the movie used effectively and shot with precision and beauty, The plot is allowed to develop along with the characters and the storyline is allowed to meet it’s natural conclusions whilst birthing new ones. This movie for me is an 8.5/10.

Written by ‘80’ (Twitter:80ThaPhilosopha).

Subomi Odanye