Toy Story 4


In Toy Story 4 we join Woody and the gang as they embark on another adventure to retrieve a spork named Forky who is one of Bonnie’s toy. Mischief ensue as Forky gets captured by a doll named Gabby Gabby, with the help of the returning Bo Peep as well as some new faces like Duke Kaboom and Ducky/Bunny.

Toy story 4 was pretty amazing, I enjoyed every second of it and surprisingly I did not cry. The ending was bittersweet but it did not give me the drive that movies like Up or Coco gave me to cry.

The direction was beautiful, you can really tell Josh Cooley loves this franchise. The voice acting was pretty fantastic and I loved everyone, if you have read my other Toy Story reviews you know that I love Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and the entire TS gang; I would go so far to say they are some of the best acting in a animation ever. As far as there characters in this film goes, I was a little disappointed because other than Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and Forky the other characters are pretty much extended cameos, each of them had a few lines but there roles where not as central as they where in the original trilogy. Buzz’s character arch has always been a difficult one for throughout all the TS movies as every time he moves forward he moves 2 steps back by thinking he is a Space Ranger in all 3 movies, I am glad to say he does not think he is a space ranger in this movie though it follows the same character arch by making him completely dumb and having to rely on his buttons for ideas so it is safe to say he was not my favourite. Forky was awesome, such a well thought out character. Woody and Bo were cute and it was great to see them reunited after all these years. The standout for me though is DUKE CABOOM played by KEANU REEVES though he was not in it enough, he still stole every scene he was in. Key and Peele are also some big standouts. As far as the overall story goes it is pretty amazing and you really need to see it.

Everything from a technical aspect was perfect. The opening scene is one of the best animated scenes I have ever seen...EVER. The set design is amazing because it so incredibly detailed and you could tell that the creators of this movie already had a very clear vision of the story. The music was phenomenal Randy Newman returned to write 2 new songs and a score and they were literally perfect, Randy Newman is a genius, I am going to buy this soundtrack the minute it is available and play for many many decades.

The references and callbacks now obviously I am not going to say too many that I caught because I am sure you want to find them for yourself but if you been following my reviews or story you know I recently found Totoro in TS 3 but I did not see him in this movie. However there are some really neat ones like they brought Tin Toy which is Pixar short that gave them the idea for Toy Story and they also had a scene with many Pixar shorts like Knick Knack, Lava, and others. Combat Carl came back, and the Combat Carl scenes are very funny. Those are all I am going to tell you but I did not see A113 or Pizza Planet Truck. Of course the movie still follows the common TS tropes like emotional flash back: TS 1-Woody, TS 2-Jessie, TS 3-Lotso, and TS 4-Duke Caboom.

 In conclusion, it is definitely a must-watch. I think it is my favourite TS movie and I love it and I am definitely going to try to rewatch this Dolby also stay till the very very end because it is ultra satisfying and it involves Duke Caboom; Top 10 post credit scenes I never knew I needed, I enjoyed this film to infinity and beyond!

(Written by Kyle Kazembe IG: kk_reviews Letterboxd @kazembe29)

 Verdict: 9.3/10


Subomi Odanye