Best netflix series of 2018

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The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom follows the story of Uthred who witnessed his father killed in front of him at a young age.Years later, Uthred becomes a fearless warrior who deals with another tragic circumstance when his surrogate family is killed in a fire set by a family exacting revenge. Uthred swears to revenge the death of his family and reclaim his land.

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Just as good as the first ever Narcos. Netflix birthed a companion series focusing on the rise of drug trafficking in Mexico as well as the government corruption making it happen. Also, shedding a light on the story of DEA agent Enrique ‘kiki’ Camarena, an ambitious agent looking to make a change in a country where everyone seems to be turning a blind eye to the damage being caused by the drug cartels.

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Somewhere Between

Starring Paula Patton, Somewhere Between is about a mother finding out her daughter dies and is given another chance to prevent this tragic incident happening. She uses her knowledge of when, where and how to help her save her daughter, however, she’s always being outsmarted by “fate”.


Daredevil Season 3

Much better than season 2, this season follows Matt Murdock / Daredevil, a blind lawyer-by-day who fights crime at night. When Wilson Fisk is released from prison, he must decide between hiding from the world or embracing his life as a hero vigilante.

Sad to say there won’t be a season 4 of Daredevil due to Netflix cancelling it.

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Money Heist Part 2

Part 2 was just a continuation of Part 1 which was about eight thieves taking hostages in the Royal Mint of Spain under the instructions of a mastermind called “Mr Professor”.

Part 2 got more intense as the police were putting a lot of pressure on the professor and going to extreme lengths to capture him. The show then ends with a very unexpected ending… Looking forward to see what Part 3 brings in 2019.


Ozark Season 2

Season 2 developed on the story of Marty Byrde and his family. His wife Wendy found out about Marty’s predicament and decided to play more of an active role. The stakes got higher when the drug cartels lawyer Helen intervened to make sure Marty was doing his job.

The family come up with an idea to launder money through a casino and they face a lot of problems trying to achieve this goal.


Shooter Season 3

The best season of Shooter hands down! This season focused heavily on Bob Lee’s father and finding out the secrets surrounding his dads death. Shooter season 3 had one of the best endings this year. It is good that there’s no season 4 as there is no need for the series to continue.

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The Rain

An interesting series about a rain carried virus that wipes out the majority of Scandinavia. After spending 6 years in a bunker two survivors team up with the very few survivors left and head out on a dangerous quest throughout the abandoned land for the search of life.



A widowed surgeon’s oldest daughter goes missing with her boyfriend. Whilst trying to locate the teens he finds out some dark secrets about his neighbourhood and those close to him.

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Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds is about the death of a 15-year-old cyclist, Brenton Bulter, who was killed in a hit and run by a white police officer. Jersey city are facing high racial tension and the STAR team attempt to cover up the murder. Assistant prosecutor KJ, finds out police officers are behind the murder and wants to charge them for a hate crime.



Dynasty is a reboot of Esther Shapiro and Richard Shapiro's famed 1981-1989 series. "Dynasty" is about two of America's wealthiest families, the Carringtons and the Colbys, who feud for control over their fortune and their children.

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Suits Season 8

After the departure of Mark and Rachel in season 7 and the introduction of Robert Zane as the new managing partner of the firm we see a shift in the dynamic of the firm.

Samatha Wheeler and Alex William go head to head to be the named partner whilst Katrina works extremely hard to be senior partner.

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