Top Movies of 2018


Black Panther- Black Panther was one of the movies this year that built up a great buzz for a long time. With a good story line and good cinematography, it definitely deserves to be classed as one of the best films this year.


Avengers Infinity War- This was probably the best Marvel movie this year. With a story line we did not expect there was a great cliffhanger to make us look forward to Avengers: Endgame, out next year.


Spider-Man: Into The Spider Verse- Another Marvel film that deserves to be classed as one of the best films this year. The first ever animated Spider-Man. It wasn’t just about Peter Parker as we were also introduced to other Spider-Men even a Spider-Woman. It was well written and well cinematographed.


Incredibles 2- After 14 years of waiting, we were finally graced with Incredibles 2. With Elastigirl being the focus, it was good to see a new narrative as well as Mr Incredible taking care of the kids.


The Equalizer 2- The Equalizer 2 is one of the best crime/mystery films that came out this year. The Equalizer 2 is a good sequel to its predecessor.


BlackKkKlansman- BlacKkKlansman is a well-crafted movie of real events by Spike Lee. It is safe to say that BlacKkKlansman is up there as one of the best movies this year.


The Hate U Give- A great adaptation of a hugely important book. The Hate U Give tackles serious issues of racism and police brutality with unflinching honesty and a strong lead performance from Amandla Stenberg. Check out our full review on this movie!


Mission: Impossible Fallout- The seventh movie of the Mission Impossible series, this is one of the best action movies of 2018. A fast pacing movie with a strong movie plot.

deadpoool 2.jpg

Deadpool 2- This was definitely the most entertaining superhero movie this year. It was smarter, funnier and more violent than its predecessor.

Subomi Odanye