Game of Thrones: Top Predictions for Season 8 Episode 4


The Long Night is over. Dawn arrives as Winterfell begins to burn its dead. The previews show Daenerys delivering a rousing speech and receiving thunderous applause from the newly-converted Northern houses. We hear the words: ‘We have won the great war. Now we will win the last war.’ Great. But can it really be that simple? With 4 hours of viewing time to go, it doesn’t seem likely. This is Game of Thrones we’re talking about.

With that in mind, here are some of my favourite theories and predictions for episode 4:

  1. Cersei’s Baby

The famous fortune teller, Maggy the Frog, once told Cersei a prophesy that has so far been accurate. Cersei was told that she would not marry the prince (Rhaegar Targaryen) but the king (Robert Baratheon). It was then prophesised that she would be queen for a time until a younger, more beautiful woman would take all she held dear (many believe this applied to Margaery, while others think it could be Daenerys). Maggy goes on to reveal that she would have 3 children and that all of them would die.

This then begs the question: Is the prophecy wrong? George R.R. Martin has always warned us about taking prophecies at face value, but this would be very inconsistent with the story so far. It is also possible that Cersei is lying; she may have faked a pregnancy to get Tyrion and Jaime on side (we know that such actions are not beneath her). However, it seems likely that something far more sinister is at play.

All signs point towards the pregnancy being genuine. For example, despite her seemingly lukewarm feelings for Euron Greyjoy, Cersei still agrees to sleep with him pretty quickly – presumably to pass the baby off as his, rather than her brother’s. So, this leaves us with a few possible outcomes: the baby could be still-born, the trauma of losing 3 children could have led to pseudocyesis (when the body thinks it is pregnant), or perhaps she even dies giving birth to the child.

 One popular theory is that Cersei could die as her mother did: giving birth to a dwarf. This would fit the prophecy in a loose sense, as she never truly viewed Tyrion as a human being, referring to him as a ‘monster’. Kit Harrington has talked about the impact of episode 4, revealing that ‘there’s something twisted and uncomfortable about it. It’s so Shakespearian.’ This would be a suitably dark yet oddly karmic end for Cersei’s character, making it quite comparable to the end of a Shakespearian tragedy.


2. The Valonqar

While Maggy’s prophecy is shortened in the television show, other predictions from the longer book-version may still be relevant. For that reason, we shall discuss the valonqar or ‘little brother’. Here is the rest of the prophecy:

‘And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.’

If we are to believe that what Maggy says is true, we are left with a few different options. The most obvious (and therefore the least likely) is that Tyrion will kill Cersei. It’s no secret that the two siblings hate one another, and this prophecy may even help explain some of that hatred – Cersei would never expect her beloved twin to one day murder her.

However, it is very possible that Jaime could be the valonqar after all. One popular theory is that Arya will wear Jaime’s face after he dies to trick and kill Cersei. This would certainly be a tragic end for her character, as she’d die thinking her brother wanted her dead. It is also just as likely that Jaime kills Cersei of his own volition. The ‘King-slayer’ has stepped in when a monarch became out of control before, so he could do it again. Perhaps Cersei will kill Brienne (someone Jaime truly loves) before his eyes, which will cause him to choke his sister in a fit of passion. Either way, Cersei dying at the hand of one of her brothers is highly likely.


3. The Mad Queen


Now that Jon’s battle against the Night King is over, there will undoubtedly be some tension between the two former lovers, who will be at odds now that they both know that the throne is Jon’s birth right. It seems that Daenerys will do anything for the throne and that Jon will do anything to protect his people – does this mean that one will end up betraying the other?

Daenerys has been compared to her father, the Mad King, more and more over the past few seasons. Tyrion is visibly shocked when she talks of burning alive all the slave masters and their soldiers when he first becomes her hand, and later Varys in turn points out to Tyrion that there was no need for her to burn the Tarlys alive after she defeated the Lannister army. It is possible that the power will eventually go to her head, and that Jon might be the only person who can stop her.

Jon does not want to be king, but he also has a keen sense of duty. Therefore, it is entirely plausible that news of his true parentage, as well as seeing Daenerys burn people alive, will dramatically change his perspective on the whole situation.


4.     The Fate of the Night King

Is it all really over for the Night King? Not everyone thinks so. Some people have theories that there are more white walker babies lurking in the woods, while others believe that Bran is will be Night King 2.0. Given that events in Game of Thrones generally tend to come full circle, it is possible that the story must always have a Night King. If his mark is on Bran, perhaps a part of the Night King lives on with Bran.

Similarly, now that Arya has touched the Night King, does this mean that she will also be infected with his mark? This theory is a little more farfetched than most, but perhaps if one of the Stark siblings ended up becoming the new ruler of the white walkers, this would mean that Jon or Sam would perhaps return to the wall to re-establish the Night’s Watch, and the whole process could begin all over again. Wow, that would be depressing.


5. CleganeBowl 2019


It may not come in this episode, but the epic face-off between the two brothers is inevitable. The Hound and the Mountain will fight to the death and it is impossible to say who will win. Sandor Clegane warns his brother Gregor in the final episode of season 7: ‘You know who’s coming for you. You’ve always known.’ So, we may have the satisfaction of finally seeing the Hound take his revenge on his ruthless older brother. However, it could be that Cersei’s zombie-like minion defeats him, causing his loyal friend Arya to destroy him once and for all. One thing’s for sure – we’re all desperate to see how this goes down


6. Tyrion’s Plan

In the second episode of this season, Tyrion spends some alone time with Bran, where he discusses mythology, the past and who knows what else. It is entirely possible that Tyrion has utilised this knowledge to concoct a brilliant plan – a final stroke of genius before it all ends for him. For years, Tyrion has been set up as the cleverest man in all of Westeros and in recent times his mind has failed him. Therefore, it seems a fitting arc for the character that he should regain his reputation by coming up with on last brainwave, possibly at the cost of his own life. This would be a fitting and noble end for George R.R. Martin’s favourite character.


7. Sansa’s Role

From the previews, it seems that Sansa will stay behind to fulfil her role as Warden of the North. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell, after all. It is evident that Sansa still doesn’t trust Daenerys and that she wants the North to remain independent. Therefore, it is possible that she could have gathered some forces in the event that Daenerys turns against her family. Looking back on the Battle of the Bastards, it seems that Sansa is experienced in secretly assembling an army, and so she may well have allies like House Glover in her back pocket. She might also have the help of Varys and Tyrion, who have questioned Daenerys’ methods in the past. Equally, it is also possible that Sansa could be in hot water with the Dragon Queen if Missandei chooses to repeat her conversation with Tyrion in the crypts.


The Spider: Melisandre predicted that Varys would die in ‘this strange country’. The clock is ticking and it’s now just a question of when, how and why.

The Proposal: the episode preview showed Euron down on one knee in front of Cersei. Could these two enter into a power marriage? Wonder what’ll happen at that wedding?

Young Love: Things appear to be hotting up between Arya and Gendry, suggesting that the scene that took place between them in episode two was more than just a moment of desperation in the face of impending death. There could be a Stark/Baratheon wedding after all, though not the one Ned and Robert had in mind.

Doomed by Love: Jaime and Brienne are finally reunited, and he has even made her a knight (her life-long dream). They have both survived the battle and things are really looking up for the two of them. This means that at least one of them will die. Similarly, Grey Worm and Missandei have discussed their life together after they have finished fighting Daenerys’ battles, which also means that at least one of them will tragically die before they ever get to experience it. When it comes to Game of Thrones, love is shown to be the most destructive force there is.


Want a fun yet morbid game to play with your friends while you watch the last three episodes of Game of Thrones? Try ‘Character Death Bingo’! Choose any 6 names from the show’s long list of characters. Here is my list for episode 4:

Most Likely to die bingo:

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