Queen of the south


After her life took a drastic turn, Teresa was left to fend for herself. Managing to find her way to Houston Texas, she met Camilla Vergas, a renowned drug lord, who took her under her wing. Teresa proved her loyalty through staying committed and not snitching when Camilla pulled a DEA stunt. From then on she continued to work her way up the ranks all whilst trying to devise a plan to get out of the hell hole she was unwillingly put in. However, Teresa’s street smarts and loyalty weren’t the only reason Camilla kept her so close, her husband had an overwhelming interest in her and Camilla was highly intrigued as to why. Camilla was able to use to that to her advantage and was even willing to suffer because she knew she’s of great value.

Over time we see Teresa turn to a savage.Although she tries to stay true to her good girl morals, the trials she’s faced with create a constant battle between the good and savage in her. After being told by James that there’s “no good or bad in this life, there’s only life or death, win or lose”, she’s continuously being reminded that good people don’t survive. Teresa is still trying to stay as true to herself as she can and despite it working for her once, other times her good nature leads to tragedies which she can’t help but feel responsible for.

I am a big fan of the whole concept of the future Teresa speaking to the current one, telling her what she should do and encouraging her through her hard times. From the beginning, we see the female boss Teresa telling the current Teresa how to handle certain situations and it makes us wonder how Teresa ended up being the Queen of the south, keeping us intrigued. Queen of the South is nothing like Narco’s even though the background stories interlink, but one thing I like about Queen of the South is that there’s not just one queen, there are many strong female figures in this show, females who are all on their grind and are trying to be bosses. We’ve got Camilla Vergas the biggest female boss who has earned her respect amongst everyone and Teresa who can construct deals and create good strategies that no one could think of.There’s also Brenda, Teresa’s friend, who was also put in a terrible position but was able to get on her grind and provide for her son Tony. If not for what happened to Brenda her empire would have continued to grow and she could’ve potentially become the queen of the south.

I’m still yet to see how Teresa surpasses her boss Camilla Vergas and becomes the actual Queen of the South. End of season 1 had a crazy twist that I was not expecting, but it’s opened a great story line for season 2 and I cannot wait to see what season 2 has to offer. Overall I give Queen of the South 7.5/10

Subomi Odanye