She Gotta Have It


‘She’s Gotta Have It’ is a remake of the movie that premiered in 1986. The movie was directed by and featured Spike Lee. ‘She’s gotta have it’ being converted to a series could be because he thought it was too early for its time and decided to recreate it as a series in a time where women are more free spirits and are sexually liberated. ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ definitely means she’s gotta have it ALL, because throughout this series we continuously see her having her cake and eating it too. At first, I was getting ‘Insecure’ vibes but turned out they’re not alike

The series is about an extremely talented artist named Nola Darling who juggles four different sex buddies. Mars – the corny, young and hip one, Greer – a self-obsessed, metrosexual model and photographer, Jamie – a wealthy investment banker that takes good care of her but fails to take care of his own issues at home, and finally Opal – the nurturing woman who has her life together.

They all bring out a different side to Nola and you can clearly see that. Mars makes her laugh and feel like a kid again, Greer is spontaneous and cultured, Jamie is the more intricate one and her provider, and Opal is nurturing and allows her to simply be whoever Nola Darling desires to be. Collectively, they all form the perfect mate but not individually. Nola finds it hard to keep up with all four sometimes, even calling one another’s name during sex. It seems like the relationship she has with each of them is of importance to her, leaving the viewer unsure on who she prefers.

Nola is a work in progress and finds it extremely difficult to commit to one person. She manages to have her love life under control by setting clear rules with all three of them, for example, not seeing anyone more than twice a week and no two lovers in one day. She hates being classed as a sex addict as she likes to describe herself as a free, independent woman who is no one’s property. However, her complicated love life becomes a problem when she becomes incapable of focusing which affects her art.

‘She’s Gotta Have It’ is a very average series with some good social issues tackled. Social issues such as the use of the N-word, #Blacklivesmatter, social acceptance, polygamy and gentrification. We also see a current social issue of plastic surgery due to social pressures. I must say the ending was probably the best bit of the series, but no one wants to wait till the end of a series for the best part. I found ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ difficult to finish but you know the Review Plug had to take one for the team! ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ does not get a stamp of approval from RP, but check out the trailer! You might like it!


Subomi Odanye