Shooter Season 1


This show is about the world’s deadliest sniper Bob Lee swagger (played by Ryan Phillippe) also known as ‘the nailer’ who served most of his time as a marine sniper in Afghanistan. After retiring from the marines, he was enjoying the retired life and family time with his wife & daughter Mary somewhere in the hills, when he was approached by his former captain Isaac (played by Omar Epps). He offered him a highly classified job, surveying for possible sniper threats and how a potential assassination of the American President could pan out. Not knowing where this job will lead him, Bob Lee accepted it as he believed he was doing right by his country but really & truly his country was doing wrong by him.

Bob Lee ended up becoming a moving target. Being accused of assassinating the visiting Ukrainian President he ends up being unlawfully arrested. With compelling evidence stating he committed the assassination, Bob Lee had to find a way out of this mess and the only way he could do so was by doing what he does best, being a hunter.

The set up was truly calculated, it was really made to look like Bobby Lee had been plotting the assassination for a long time but he was just carrying out a task for the US government, or so he thought. After being set up & accused of assassinating the president, Bob Lee had to fend for himself in prison as the conspirators were out to get him, even in prison. Managing to escape from prison Bob Lee had to somehow prove his innocence. He had to go back to his army days and become a shadow. It’s crazy how much of a tactician he is. He was able to be in the right place at the right time. During it all he was able to send messages to his wife & was even able to see his wife and child.

He didn’t let his conspirators get the upper hand and make him confess to a crime he did not commit. Being able to clear his name wasn’t easy. His family was put in danger. His little girl was taken away from him and his wife. The whole of America was hunting him down while he was trying to hunt down the force against him. However, with the help of a few, such as Agent Memphis who arrested Bob Lee at the crime scene but later noticed that there was something a bit off with the arrest, Bob Lee was able to reach out to her and form a partnership. They were able to trace and track down who the assassin was and found evidence that exposed the conspiracy behind the presidents assassination, a thumb drive that goes by the name “Annex-B . It was very interesting to watch how everything unfolded as each episode had something revealed that was unexpected.

Bob Lee is a very strategic man who has truly mastered his craft and fears. Bob Lee was able to sneak into places that he shouldn’t have be able to, using his strategy to put an end to every one of his pursuers. The way Season 1 ended was truly impressive in him being able to gather compelling evidence to prove his innocence in the court room which was amazing. Bob Lee returned back to his family saying “its Lasagne night right” putting everything he’s been through in the past and acting like nothing happened, showing that Bob Lee is truly an indestructible force.

Subomi Odanye