Shooter Season 2


Season 2 has a different vibe to season 1 as Bob Lee has a new mission. It has much more action, it is filmed in more countries and more events occur much quicker this season.

After the assassination of former marine Kevin “Doc” Campbell in Frankfurt, Bob Lee is on a mission to find out who the assassins targeting his marine unit are. This leads to more things being revealed as its much bigger than just the assassinations. The current situation is a result of several things that occurred in the past when Bob Lee was in the marines so there are a lot of flash back scenes in the show.

We see an unexpected alliance between Bob Lee and agent Isaac which we did not expect after how season 1 ended. Although Bob Lee has a strong hatred for Isaac, their goals are aligned and they’re both on the same mission to catch the same person.

There is a lot of suspense and unexpected turns in this season where we think something disastrous is about to happen but we are surprised at the outcome.

Shooter season 2 isn’t all action there are some elements of drama, for example, Bob Lee’s wife experiences PTSD and is left very shaken after the Frankfurt experience. Witnessing the assassination took a hard toll on her leaving her on edge all the time and even sometimes snapping at her daughter. This leads to her dealing with the trauma by shooting in the gun range which leads to some drama of its own.

Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger leaving us excited for season 3. Season 2 ended on 8 episodes whereas Season 1 ended on 10 which made this season feel very quick and short, left us wanting more.

Subomi Odanye