Snowfall is set in Los Angeles in the early 1980s. It illustrates how the crack cocaine epidemic began in the streets of Los Angeles and many other black neighbourhoods. Snowfall has a slow start, not quite getting at how the epidemic started till later on in the show. Nonetheless the first episodes are still very gripping and engaging as there are three different storylines in the show which barely intersect.

The main character is Franklin Saint who is a part time convenience store worker and weed shotter. Franklin is played by English actor, Damson Idris. Damson Idris did a great job with the Californian accent you wouldn’t know he was from South London. Franklin saw an opportunity to enter the coke game after being taken to a crazy dealer by a rich friend and noticing that cocaine is where the moneys at. Franklin had to earn the trust of the dealer and prove himself trustworthy after being given a day to sell 2 kilos of cocaine which is worth $12k street price.

Franklin is a smart boy and isn’t like many others his age. After obtaining a scholarship to an upper class suburban high school he chooses to drop out to be with his mum as he is her only child, as a result Franklin feels pressure to make sure him and his mother are good at all times. Franklin is smart & uses initiative but is unable to bring coke to the hood alone, so he ended up bringing in his uncle Jerome who he used to sell weed for and his 2 childhood friends Leon and Kevin. However, their journey isn’t a smooth sailing one as it is full of unexpected plot twists and scenes which are very interesting to watch unfold.

Snowfall challenges the typical portrayal of the role played by law enforcement in the war on drugs. Rather than only focusing on the battle of law enforcement against drugs, Snowfall explores controversial ideas of the CIA working with contra rebels to finance their operations via cocaine sales in Los Angeles. The suggestion of this conspiracy is initiated after the death of CIA agent Logan Miller, who overdoses on cocaine; his fellow operative Teddy McDonald discovers he was running a secret drug ring out of his mansion to fund foreign contras. Teddy covers up Millers death and obtains permission from his superiors to take over Millers operation. Snowfall uses Teddy’s relationship with one of the shows prominent characters Alejandro Usteves; a rebel, to further expose ideas of collusion. Teddy is stuck in a position where he is unable to get out of due to Alejandro Usteves who is a relentless killer.

Lucia Villanueva, another prominent character, is the daughter of Mexican drug and crime lord. Lucia Like Franklin is trying to get into the drug business and her path isn’t smooth either as she is nowhere near to achieving her end goal but is more than determined. Their paths only cross twice in the beginning and in the end when Franklin went into the Mexican neighbourhood and ended up getting harassed by the Mexicans. Lucia’s business partner, Oso, saves him as he remembered the night in the wrestling match where they met.

Overall Snowfall is a very interesting series with three very captivating storylines. It takes a while to get into the main storyline but each episode gets better and better. Season 1 was just an introduction and by the way it ends you know season 2 is going to be way better as their hustle is now on the rise and the storylines continue to develop.

Snowfall 8/10

Subomi Odanye