Narcos: Mexico


Narcos: Mexico depicts the beginning of drug trafficking in Mexico in the 1980’s, highlighting the corruption of the government making this happen and shining light on the story of DEA agent Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena. Camarena is an ambitious agent looking to make a change in a country where everyone seems to be turning a blind eye to the damage being caused by these drug cartels. Narcos: Mexico originally started off as part of the Narcos series, even using the same song ‘Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo’ in the opening credits but the series grew to be a new companion series rather than a sequel. We see both the series link when Pablo Escobar meets with Miguel Felix.

In Narcos: Mexico we are introduced to Miguel Ángel ‘Félix’ Gallardo, a very smart and organised drug lord who changed the whole drug trafficking game for Mexico through the introduction of a Plaza, a form of OPEC for weed. Miguel takes his hard earned empire to the next level by transporting Colombian cocaine to the United States, which created a lot of problems for him. Agent Enrique Camarena is obsessed with taking down Felix’s operation despite it being nearly impossible in a country as corrupt as Mexico.

Narcos starts off in an interesting way, starting with a snippet of what is to come in the future. The series is narrated frequently by the show’s signature voice over usually narrating the beginning of each episode allowing the viewer to be clued up with what’s going on as well as giving a bit of a history lesson too. Narcos: Mexico takes some time to get to the juicy addictive part, such as in episode 3 you start to realise that this series is definitely worth watching. This may be because episodes are about an hour long but you find yourself wishing there was more of the series to watch. However, it also has some parts where the story line drags, for example, the season finale being nearly 70 minutes long.

Narcos: Mexico is not just about Felix and Agent Camarena, there are some other cast members that have some weighty screen time. We meet one of Felix’s top associates, the innovative and extremely unpredictable Rafa who was responsible for creating the magical weed strain known as ‘sinsemella’, a seedless strain of weed that differentiated their product from all the others in Mexico. Rafa’s crazy ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ love story with socialite Sofia adds another side to the series, taking the series from being solely about the drug war and corruption to a well balanced crime/drama series. Narcos: Mexico works as both Felix and Camarena’s stories are equally weighted and interesting.

Narcos: Mexico starts of as a series detailing the start of drug trafficking in Mexico as well as mentioning how this birthed well known popular drug lords like El Chapo. This gives much room for another season building on the rise of El Chapo, as we see him start off as someones driver and then gunman. The expansion of El Chapo’s story is something to look forward to in the next seasons!

Subomi Odanye