Stranger Things season 1

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Stranger things is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s. Season 1 follows four super smart and super curious kids (Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will), on their journey to rescue their friend who was mysteriously abducted. When Will Byers goes missing, the search for him leads to the uncovering of a hidden mystery, a corrupt government system and the appearance of a girl with a shaven head and psychokinetic abilities named ‘Eleven’.

The eight episodes are jampacked with action and excitement – you’re sure to be hooked from the first episode. I watched the whole of season 1 in one day! The sci-fi television series tells a bizarre story, but as the plot develops, the show becomes more and more gripping – I can guarantee you’ll binge watch the whole series just like I did! Stranger Things has a thorough and well-planned storyline and the presentation of the 1980’s era is extremely convincing.

The fact the kids are the heart of the show makes it more sentimental. One of the aspects of the show that I particularly liked was the way in which the directors continuously presented the kids playing their favourite game ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ – which was parallel to their current reality. In a way, the kids had prepared their whole lives for this incident. The three boys all play different roles; Mike is the dictator of the group, Lucas is the more wary and logical one of the three whilst Dustin is the practical one. Stranger Things emphasises moral values – we can learn through the presentation of the groups strong bond – I believe the show goes beyond just entertainment by portraying the importance of high moral standards. A good example of this includes the reoccurring phrase “friends don’t lie” which portrays the groups value of loyalty.

Eleven is taken in by Mike whom immediately embraces his leadership role by almost parenting her which is super cute. At first, she’s not accepted by the whole party; Lucas continuously calls her a weirdo predominantly because of his distrustful nature. Later, we see the transition of Eleven’s character being finally fully accepted by the whole party, which is emphasised in the scene where Dustin shouts “she’s our friend and she’s crazy”. The progression of Eleven’s relationship with the boys is effective in initiating feelings of empathy.

The directors use the abduction of Will to develop relationships. This can be seen when Mike’s sister Nancy and Will’s brother Jonathan team up to find him though both on complete opposite sides of the ‘social spectrum’ – Nancy being pretty and popular, and Jonathan disliked and unpopular. On their hunt for Will, Nancy is nearly trapped in the alternate dimension; ‘The Upside Down’. Here, the typical horror movie cliché of characters running towards, instead of away from the problem is implemented. Though I find these falsehoods very questionable and annoying, maybe there lies an underlying message within to deal with your fears head on rather than running away from them.

Season 1 ends with an exciting cliff hanger that will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you in anticipation so I’m sure you’ll finish Season 2 just as fast! Stranger Things is a must watch particularly for Sci-Fi lovers, but I’d recommend it to everyone regardless.

Stranger Things has got the Review Plug stamp of approval! #RPapproved

Subomi Odanye