Stranger Things Season 2

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In Season 2 we see even more stranger things, new people and we are introduced to number ‘Eight’. A lot more is going on in season 2, it isn’t as scary as season 1 but its gets much weirder! Everything connects from the beginning to the end and in this season, there’s more focus on the other characters, such as Hopper, Nancy, Jonathan etc. Rather than everyone working as a collective they’re all working in small teams which is super frustrating! For example, the boys and the new addition Mad Max, Nancy and Jonathan teamed up and even Hopper and Joyce formed a team.

The kids display even more of their super smart and innovative ways this season. They are the heroes of this season as they are truly loyal and brave in fighting for their party (group of friends) till the very end. If you thought season 1 was the end of the Demogorgon, it’s not. We are introduced to the ‘The Mind Flayer’ an invasive force that is more terrifying, more powerful and way harder to defeat than the Demogorgon. We also see more creatures such as what Dustin classes as the “Demo-Dogs” from the Upside Down.

Will didn’t get much screen time in the first season but in this season, there’s more of a focus on him as he still linked to the “Upside Down”. Throughout this season Will continuously got “episodes” where he was battling with the ‘Mind Flayer’ and when he was told to stand up against it, it inevitably backfired. It was very similar to a scene in the Exorcist, when Will’s body became possessed by the “Mind Flayer” and Will even started speaking for it saying things such as “he didn’t like that”. First you see Will as a little innocent boy but after being possessed, he looks very pale and weak and so in order for the ‘Mind Flayer’ to leave his body, his mum had to stop seeing the body as Will and instead as the ‘Mind Flayer’ in order to free him from the possession.

Jonathan and Nancy spent their time together investigating Barbara’s death and trying to do some justice by planning on taking down Hawkins Labs through the recordings and teaming up with a private investigator. Nancy and Jonathan now understanding that there’s a natural chemistry between the both of them after everything they’ve shared, work as more than just a team to fight against the ‘Mind Flayer’.

The boys playing ‘Dragon’s Lair’ was the perfect video game to highlight some of this seasons key plot-lines. It was also ironic that the boys dressed up as Ghostbusters for Halloween when they were actually hunting down scary creatures. It was heart-breaking watching ‘Eleven’ attempting to dress up as a ghost so she could enjoy Halloween like a normal kid and being turned down by Hopper.

Episode 7 ‘The Lost Sister’ is sort of a random episode when Eleven goes to Chicago taking her out of the mix and us away from the action whilst she’s in search of her lost “sister” ‘Kali’ 008. Her sister changed her look very drastically and had a huge influence on her channelling her super natural powers and using them to help them commit crimes. Using her powers for bad makes you think what would you do it you had a super power. But we see Eleven transform to Jane. Jane shows growth and in this episode Eleven finally makes her first independent decision, choosing to go back to rescue her friends and now family.

Eleven gets to now live life as a normal kid, after Hopper negotiated a deal with the head of Hawkins Lab. Eleven got to go to the snowball dance with her date Mike which was adorable to watch. Season 2 was a very satisfying sequel from season 1. Not clear whether there’s going to be a season 3 but Stranger Things has been approved by the Review Plug and a big shout out to Bob! The Review Plug thanks you for your bravery and heroism.

Subomi Odanye