‘You‘ is the latest Netflix craze and it’s clear why. ‘You’ focuses a lot on social media and how there’s such a lack of privacy nowadays as a result. This was highlighted when a simple copy and paste of a picture into google provided a character’s home address.

From the get-go, we are introduced to the sociopath and psychopath known as Joe Goldberg. The story follows Joe as he embarks on a journey to win the heart of Guinevere Beck, a girl he meets while working as the manager of a bookshop. Joe narrates throughout the series, giving viewers insight into his thoughts and reasons behind his actions. We see many sides of Joe, we first see him as a weird sociopath, then we see him as a good loving boyfriend then we see him as a violent murderer etc. Through the series, we find out more about Joe’s past.

We see many different aspects of Joe’s personality as the series progresses. From loving boyfriend to a violent murderer, he keeps the viewers at the edge of their seat as he tries to eliminate everyone who seems to be stopping him and Beck from achieving their perfect love. As the series unfolds, we see just how twisted of an individual Joe is and the extent he would go to just to keep Beck to himself.

However, as twisted as Joe appears, we do see a side of him that feels very human and down to earth. His relationship with Paco, the son of his next-door neighbour, their relationship highlights a genuine and selfless aspect of his personality which perhaps stems from his relationship with Mr Mooney, the former bookshop manager who took care of him as a child. However, ‘You’ did not do its best with its storyline, it had a lot of space for the development of characters such as Paco.

Season 1 ends with an ending that ties it all together, a full circle that brings us back to why it all started. A good cliff-hanger making us excited for the next season. The end of season 1 provides a solid foundation for another 10-episode run. There is a lot of space for the development of Joe’s backstory and where exactly he goes from here.


Subomi Odanye