Exhibit A

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There are many ways for a crime to be solved, and as an avid True Crime fan, I am ready to hear about them all. Netflix’s new addition to the recent True Crime craze, Exhibit A, takes a different approach to thrilling stories of human behavior. The 4 anthologized episodes reveal the hidden criminals in American law enforcement : misleading evidence. Each episode focuses on different kinds of forensic (scientific, as opposed to physical or circumstantial) evidence, wherein the scientific method is highly debated. 

Exhibit A offers a view of subtle skepticism, particularly towards law enforcement, and what a jury filled with civilians would consider rock hard evidence. The contrast between the prosecution's expert, sitting in clean offices with ironed clothes, explaining that sure, the science isn’t perfect but that they’d have no job otherwise, compared to the victims, who are average Americans, behind bars based on shoddy science. Blood spatter has been a point of debate among crime experts and fans, particularly with the famous Staircase Murder, also covered by Netflix. But Exhibit A goes to far as to show how easily video evidence can be misinterpreted, or even faked. 

The nature of the point they are trying to get across works very well as a Docuseries/anthology, rather than a single story, although all of them are enthralling tales. It absolutely stands out among Netflix’s other ventures like The Ted Bundy Tapes, The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and The Keepers, while all good shows, focus on the actions that drive people to commit such a heinous act, and what kind of affect that takes on others. Exhibit A absolutely shows the effect on others, but when it’s because a loved one is behind bars unjustly, it’s a different kind of dark. I give Exhibit A a 7/10, the sharp and clear editing and directing certainly supports stories where the timeline and facts are crucial. Whether you’re already a True Crime fan, or are simply interested in ways that facts can be skewed you can check out Exhibit A on Netflix.

Written by Merlin Garcia ( IG@merlsanity, Twitter @scriptedmerlin)

Subomi Odanye