Money Heist Part 3


How do you top the World’s biggest Heist? You pull off an even bigger one! Filmed and set in Spain, from 2016-2018, a small team showed the world how to rob one of the greatest banks blind and get away being the good guys. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say every viewer came away rooting for the professor and his team. This time the stakes are higher and they make you feel them each and every step of the way.

The series centres around the same protagonists as last time, minus those who lost their lives during many of the epic showdowns between the government and the Professors merry men. Whilst the story remains the same, the motivations behind it has changed drastically. The show is known for its intellectual plot twists and action pack scenes and this has not changed in this season. The producers have once again found a good balance between drama, comedy and action without losing the integrity of the show. Watching the show, you can tell there has been a heavy emphasis in scene selection and timing. Whilst some scenes seemed rushed and others slow, this is used to add to the overall feel of the series. When the producers want the audience’s adrenaline to raise the scenes are rushed through almost as if we are in the thick of the situation also. When their desire is to create suspense or thought provocation, the scenes are much longer, slowing down time for the audience. There is also a heavy use of flashback which helps us fill in plot holes left from the first two seasons and the beginning of this one.

As this is their third season it is interesting to see how they have attacked the issue of character development. We learn a lot about the characters and how they interact and intertwine with each other from the first two seasons. In this season, the producers have explored a drastic change in principles and responsibilities for some characters, whilst others just become more of themselves. The use of sub plots and character history to effect the development of the characters is evident through out the season. We see how new interactions and the bonds made between the protagonists, now effect the decisions they make. Whilst this is evident in the first two seasons, in those seasons their decisions seemed more like rookie actions. In this season the majority of them are experienced and seasoned so their decisions aren’t made from lack of know how but rather the emotional baggage they now carry with them. This is explored heavily, however many holes are left in their characters by the end of the season, leaving the audience asking why. This I suppose is done on purpose in order to entice the audience to watch the next season. One thing that Money Heist does exceptionally well is create suspense and cliff hangers. It was a worry to see how they would continue with the series at such a high level after the first two seasons, but the producers and writers found away to create such a shock that the audience will have to come back for more in the fourth season. They have found a way to give us more of the same but make it look new.  

For me the standout performance throughout the series is by Najwa Nimri Urrutikoetxea, who plays Alicia Sierra. Whilst she does not have as many scenes as the other actors, the scenes she is in make you delve into her as a character and you are engrossed by her methodical and callous way of thinking.  Without giving to much a way, she is more than a match for the professor and his team but her unique situation makes you question how she can even do what she does with such a care free attitude. There is one scene in particular which takes place between her and Rio, in which her reactions to what he says are felt by the audience as if we are feeling the pain she is trying to hide at Rio’s statement.

The conclude, the show has not let up. It has provided us with prime content, plot and development in this season, all without playing its full hand. The actions taken in the last few episodes especially have gripped the audience and made us all ready to sit through another ten heists if we must. They have the formula and it is working.

My overall rating for this season is 7.3 out of 10.

Written by ‘80’ (Twitter:80ThaPhilosopha).

Subomi Odanye