Stranger Things Season 3


The highly anticipated 3rd season of Netflix’s Stranger Things is finally out, and the gang is in more trouble than ever. Establishing the interpersonal landscape takes the lead in the first few episodes, showing how everything is changed now that they’re not kids anymore. And they’re really not. While it’s something they vocalize quite a few times, I didn’t fully see it until a well placed flashback made me realize that these characters really are growing up. Max, the new girl in last season is now an essential member of their group, and her scenes with Eleven show us a giggly side to Eleven we’ve never seen before. This teen-girl friendship feels key to Eleven’s growth, and hope of living a more normal life. Seeing as how Max vastly improved the show, it’s not surprising that Robin (Maya Hawke), an ice-cream jockey and co-worker of Steve’s, becomes key to their mission. While these additions are well done it does not erase the fact that Hopper becomes angry and controlling towards the women around him, and it’s never addressed. That man feels far away from the one that left Eggo’s in the forest for a girl he barely knew. It was jarring to see Hopper display toxic masculinity this way, especially when Max’s brother, Billy, seemed to be taking on that role in the last season. 

The interpersonal drama is a nice easing into the more supernatural problems in Hawkins, Indiana. It seems as if everyone has a piece of the puzzle, and they just need to come together to solve it. While the villain does remain essentially the exact same as the previous two seasons, it’s still enjoyable to watch the gang investigate and try to solve a problem. There are a lot more micro-team missions that are a lot of fun and make for a lot of suspense. Just when things are heating up in one area, we’re shot into another mission, where the situation is usually not much better. The directing, editing, and music bring it all together like the ribbon on top of the 80s nostalgia box.

I rate Stranger Things (Season 3) an 8/10, and if you enjoyed the first two seasons of Stranger Things, absolutely check out the third! If you’re thinking about starting the series, I don’t think you can start soon enough. 

By Merlin Garcia ( IG@merlsanity, Twitter @scriptedmerlin)

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