As well documented as my love for the Crime genre is, I was initially unimpressed by Mindhunter. The first season of the Netflix original didn’t really catch me for a number of reasons but this second season, released in August of this year, has me obsessed. 

One of the main changes that shifted my perspective was Holden Ford’s, role was significantly altered. Jonathan Groff’s character was the primary focus of the last season, but Holdens storyline was not entirely coherent. Sure, he works at Quantico and is a human with desires and interests, but little of the conflict he incited was relevant to the fascinating FBI work they were doing, but more about how rude he is to his girlfriend. He’s become almost comedy relief - he’s intelligent but still an uptight, nerdy weirdo and it’s smart to lean into that. In the newer season, we see more of Bill Tench’s (Holt McCallany) disturbing family life, Dr. Carr’s conflict with her own sexuality. 

In the premiere season the interrogations that Holden and his partner, Bill Tench plan to analyze are conducted with Ed Kemper, the co-ed Killer. Although interesting/terrible, and extremely well acted, it does get a little tiresome only interacting with him. There is a myriad of serial killer cameos in the second season that are thrilling, along with two that stay around for a longer arc that shows us how the FBI could use these interviews to solve crimes as they are occurring. 

The restructuring of the second season leads to a much tighter narrative, and David Finchers’ directing adds to an already impressive body of work. Although, there is some odd makeup/colouring choices when it comes to peoples’ faces, I was a little concerned Dr. Carr had jaundice. 

 I give season 2 of Netflix’s Mindhunter a 8/10 and I am looking forward to the third season!

Subomi Odanye