Being a teenager is difficult. Being an adult, trying to realistically portray a teenager, set in present day no less, is even harder. But Netflix’s Trinkets, created by Amy Anderson, Kirsten Smith and Emily Meyer, hits the nail on the head. 

The show introduces us to the world starting with Elodie, a gay teen girl who just moved in with her dad in Portland after her mothers sudden death. As the show grows, it makes room for Moe, a carefree rebel, and Tabitha, who is considered to be perfect and popular. The girls try to perform the behaviour these labels tether them to, but being a teenager means feeling like you live sharp and conflicting fragments of the same life. You feel like you have no control, and no one to help you fix it. What brings them together is both their coping mechanism, and darkest secret, shoplifting. The three end up meeting through shoplifters anonymous, and try to help each other make sense of their fragments, or maybe make some new ones. 

It’s a captivating drama, with loveable characters with realistic motivations. In terms of teen dramas, Trinkets falls more in line with Freaks and Geeks, rather than Gossip Girl. The romances that all three girls pursue throughout the show also feels very true to experience, especially since Elodie is gay, and she’s comfortable with it from the very beginning. The choice to not make Elodie’s attraction to women a point of conflict was a smart decision, and allowed her to pursue relationships at the same pace as her friends.

The influence of women creators is beautifully obvious, from the visual motifs of reflections and feeling seen, to a script that is able to capture nuanced experiences in a single witty one liner. As an artist, I was blown away, and as an all too recent teenager, the attention to detail regarding makeup and wardrobe trends felt very deliberate and well thought out. 

I rate Trinkets an 8.5 out of 10, and would recommend it to those who enjoy a carefully crafted drama.

By Merlin Garcia ( IG@merlsanity, Twitter @scriptedmerlin)


Subomi Odanye